K-12 Cultural Competence Training

Kevin Skwira-Brown and Diana Lawrey leverage their combined insights to deliver a PELSB approved Cultural Competence curriculum.

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Diana Lawrey

Diana Lawrey is a licensed elementary teacher in Minnesota.  She holds bachelor’s degrees from The College of St. Scholastica in Elementary Education and Ojibwe Language and Culture Education, as well as a Master of Education degree in Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.  Ms. Lawrey has worked in education for 10 years in various capacities such as teaching, advocating for students of color, and program management. Her education experience includes working with students in elementary and secondary education, as well as higher education. Much of Ms. Lawrey’s educational career has focused on culturally responsive teaching and professional development to increase cultural competence, not only in teachers, but addressing systemic equity within the school district.

Ms. Lawrey is an enrolled member of the Grand Portage Band of Minnesota Chippewa Tribes, and holds eminence credentials awarded by the tribe.

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Kevin Skwira-Brown

Kevin has a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth. For Kevin, the work of building a more equitable world is both a professional pursuit and a part of his personal life.  This has played out through direct service, 20 plus years of teaching at the collegiate level, and grassroots community organizing. For the past 12 years it has included developing, presenting, and facilitating diversity, inclusion and cultural development work with individuals and organizations striving to live in line with their values and missions by becoming more culturally fluent and inclusive.


Inquiries from individuals, schools and districts can be sent to: kevin@culturalfluencyassociates.com