Roots II Sessions


Roots II

It is common for participation in Roots II sessions to follow participation in the Fostering the Roots of Cross-Racial Competence (Roots) seminar

These workshops are two hours in length. It is highly recommended that participants have prior experience  with topics of diversity and inclusion plus have a strong foundational awareness around systems of privilege, power and oppression.

Workshops include: One hour of material and one hour of experiential learning.

Examples of Available Workshops:

  • Roots Refresher: reground in the concepts of privilege as it relates to race plus practice and build skills in recognizing privilege in narratives
  • Interrupting and Responding: develop skills for responding to offensive or prejudicial comments or action
  • Horizontal Application of Power and Privilege: identify foundational principles of privilege and oppression across multiple status identities
  • Facilitating Inclusive Excellence Conversations and Trainings: practice facilitating difficult conversations and avoid the common pitfalls
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations: dynamics of Power and Privilege in any space – establish environments that promote inclusion and equity
  • Facilitated Round table Discussions: various topics of the participant’s choosing are explored. Many topics are ones that are important dialogues and conversations in the wider country and world.
  • Setting Inclusive Excellence Goals and Vision: work through tools to create a personal, school,or departmental Inclusive Excellence vision and goal sheet that aligns with the Inclusive Excellence strategic priority and start an action plan